Why Incorporate

Limited Liability
Incorporation segregates personal and business assets. If you carry on business in  your own name, a registered name style or even in partnership, all of  your assets are at risk. You are fully liable for the total debts and  liabilities of the business, even if only one of many partners. If sued, all your assets (personal and business) can be seize to satisfy the  debt. Only incorporation can protect you personal assets.

Tax Benefits
While a proprietorship's or partnership's income is taxed in the hands of the owner, a corporation's income is taxed separately from its owners.  A  qualified Canadian Controlled Private Corporation, is taxed at a reduced rate. Further tax is deferred until dividends are paid and this  deferral may be significant.

Further a capital gains exemption (on the first $750,000 of capital gains) may be available upon the sale of a small business.

Inc., Limited and Corp. designate a company that is incorporated It is a  powerful statement to customers, suppliers and employees that the  company is an entity larger than its owners.

A corporation survives its owners, the shares can be transferred to  purchasers as an ongoing business or by gift or Will to the  beneficiaries and heirs of the owners. Shares and options may be given  to employees.

A corporation is a separate  entity from its owners.  It can contract and borrow on its own account.  It can raise capital by pledging its distinct assets or the issuance of shares. Name Search

The Process

Name Search
Your proposed name is searched in a database of company names to ensure that your business is not in conflict with a similar named business or  infringes upon the rights of a trademark holder.  Through our automated  systems, we can usually obtain a full search within hours

Articles of Incorporation
A Corporation is formed by filing  Articles of Incorporation. Upon  receipt of your instructions we prepare an authorization for your  signature.  Upon receipt of the authorization and funds we prepare the  Articles which are filed electronically with the Ministry  You may  forward funds by courier or electronic funds transfer.

Filing Articles
The Articles of  Incorporation are filed with the Ministry.  In Ontario most companies are incorporated the same day.

Initial Shareholder & Director Meetings
We provide Minute Book, Seal, Share Certificates, bylaws and complete  initial minutes issuing the shares, electing directors and appointing  officers. These documents are forwarded to your for signature. It is  your option to retain the Minute Book or return the minutes for  inclusion in the Minute Book to be held at our offices.

Public Filing
Upon incorporation we file the required forms to the Ministry showing the directors and officers of the corporation.


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