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Franchising provides tangible benefits for both the franchisor and franchisee.  The franchisee gets a proven business system, recognizable brand name,  lower capital costs and promotion. The franchisor gets rapid expansion  with a committed team.

In Ontario legislation has set the rules regarding disclosure of documents and failure to comply with the law can result in serious consequences.  The law imposes a duty of fair dealing on the parties. 

For long term success, a franchisor’s agreement must ensure a profitable  business relationship with the franchisee, affordable dispute resolution mechanisms and quick termination of franchisees in default.

A franchise system must be protected by trade marks, non-disclosure  agreements, security documentation, indemnities and guarantees,  distribution agreements and other documents.

Franchise law encompasses corporate law, real estate, tax, contracts, distribution and intellectual property.

Each franchise is unique and requires careful consideration and detailed review.

You will not be considered a client of  our office until either  we receive a monetary & written retainer  from you, or we provide you with a written confirmation that you are  retained as a client.

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